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Programa de pós-graduação stricto sensu em medicina tropical

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Areas of Concentration and Research Lines

The Graduate Program in Tropical Medicine presents two areas of concentration: Infectious and Parasitic Diseases (IPD) and Diagnosis, Epidemiology and Control (DEC), covering 09 lines of research.

Research lines in Infectious and Parasitic Diseases Concentration area (IPD):

  • Infections and diseases produced by protozoa;
  • Infections and diseases produced by helminths;
  • Infections and diseases produced by virus;
  • Infections and diseases produced by bacteria;
  • Infections and diseases produced by fungi.

Research lines in Diagnosis, Epidemiology and Control Concentration area (DEC):

  • Diagnosis of infectious and parasitic diseases;
  • Epidemiology and control of infectious and parasitic diseases;
  • Dynamics of transmission of infectious and parasitic diseases;
  • Host-parasitic interactions.

Mandatory subjects:

Biology of Infectious Agents I (Helminthology and Protozoology) -  3 credits
Biology of Infectious Agents II (microbiology) - 3 credits
Immunologic fundamentals applicable to the Clinic and the Vaccinology in Infectious Diseases - 2 credits
Biosecurity procedures in Biomedical Research Laboratories – 2 credits
Bases of Laboratorial diagnosis of Infectious and Parasitic Agents - 6 credits
Epidemiology and Control of Infectious and Parasitic Diseases - 6 credits
Vectors and Medical Importance Reservoirs - 2 credits
Fundamentals of clinical research and translational - 2 credits
Bioethics – 2 credits
Student seminar (mandatory for all students) - 1 credit
Study Center - 1 credit

Orientation and Project:

Master students must submit a letter with the name of project with the acceptance of one of the supervisors of the program at the end of the first semester. Before the end of the second semester, the student should defense the dissertation project that he/she will develop during the second year of the course. By completing 15 months of expertise, students must present a seminar which  partial results of their work.

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